Aníkena embodies the essence of the Mayan Jungle and ancestral traditions.

A creative journey that creates a harmonious synergy between design and sustainability, embracing the untamed spirit of nature and its endless wisdom.

We stare at the sky, we perceive the gentle breeze, we follow the Caribbean Sea to bring our designs to life. Our process evolves from exploration and contemplation of the surrounding environment to creation.

Timeless pieces HONORING

A RAINDROP: the seed of life.
Descending from the sky to the earth, finding its way to the source of origin. Our spirit was awakened: the sea gave itself to the galaxy, and came back to rejoin the waves.
We pause to admire the fragments of atoms that harbor the beauty of entire galaxies.
When silence fills the sky, two seemingly distant yet mirrored universes come together: the CELESTIAL BODIES AND THE SEA.